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We want to build a large gallery of pictures of sexy feet and you're invited to send us some of yours. These can be pictures of feet "in action" (use your own imagination here), glamour shots or simply natural ones. Pictures of feet in sexy stockings or socks are welcome. You can send us pictures of feet that are clean or "dirty", covered in whipped cream or chocolate or whatever turns you on. You send the pictures and we'll categorize them and post them for all to enjoy.

How To Send Your Sexy Foot Pictures
The pictures of sexy feet that you share with us must be yours and you must have the authority and permission to share them with us and make them available for all to see over the Internet. Do not send us pictures of feet that you have taken from other web sites or scanned from books or magazines or acquired from anywhere else. All subjects in any picture of sexy feet that you send us must be at least 18 years old when the picture is taken and be a willing participant. So we can be sure that the pictures you email us are legitimately yours to share you must include some clear mention in the photo itself of our domain name "". This can be written on the body of the model or the model can hold a sign, it can appear on the wall in the background, whatever.

Email us your pictures of sexy feet at: info at foot hyphen fetish dot ca.